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My name is  Nina Lostedt. I am born in Helsinki and from the year of 1979 in Kirkkonummi living artist. 

Since childhood I have been very creative and always loved to draw and paint in strong colors. Painting classes was the best I knew in guidance from my very talented art teacher. My dream was to study art at Ateneum in Helsinki, but life had other plans for me. I met my husband and we builded a family and I landed in the economic business for two decades. My creativity took forms as individual clothes and knittins for my family.  Everyday art appeared also in the kitchen and garden. . 

Later I studie Physiotherapy and I founded together with my husband our own Physiotherapy company. Again my creativity came to use - I made all our marketing materials, logos and campaigns . During the busy job- and familylife I didn´t have much time to paint. 

 Now I am retired from my job, sold the company , and I finally got the time to concentrate on art and painting at my hometudio. I have studied painting both by myself and with skilled teatchers. Oilpainting I found during the covid-19 years and 2022 I deciced that I can learn to like even aquarelles ( during the school years I did not like them at all). You can always learn something new as long as you stay curious and open minded and willing to try.

I am a member of Kirkkonummi Artist´s Association, Kity ry, and a member of Finnish Artist´s Association Suomen Taiteilijat ry

 I paint with huge emotions and strong colors . People , the beautiful nature surrounding our house and the wild animals inspires me most. And horses, of course. Time flies when painting and I often forget about time and place and just let the paint flow over the canvas. Everyone experiences art in her or his own way and I hope that you can find something intreresting and beutyful in my art. 

I paint with oilcolors and aquarelles  of good quality, sometimes even with acrylics , ink and carbonchalk

I take comissions too! Feel free to contact me.

Art belongs to everybody !